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Consumers remain cautious about the use of data in advertising

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Recent data from an Integral Ad Science report shows consumers’ views on the use of their data widely varies.

There’s greater consumer confidence towards actively created data - with 1 in 3 feeling comfortable with ads based on their purchase or browsing history - with a marked decline in our views on more traditional demographic indicators, like age, life stage or current job.

Whilst it’s not surprising that most people don’t like the idea of being targeted at all (if only 1 in 3 is happy with purchase data, presumably 2 in 3 are not) the leaning towards highly intrusive and targeted seems odd.

Further reading suggests it might be all down to context - over half of those interviewed were happy for this data to be shared in a ‘shopping environment’ and 2 in 5 OK with social networks to have access to, and use personal data.

The main takeaway? If you’re making the customers’ life easier or adding value, they’ll be far more likely to overlook how you’ve done it.

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