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The top marketing FAST Wins

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Under pressure to show your marketing efforts are working? Need to justify what you are doing and give the business confidence that marketing is working? Trying to buy time for those longer-term initiatives that drive sustainable growth to come to fruition? Then you need quick wins, or rather we should say you need FAST Wins. But where can you find these mythical marvels that will save your bacon? Then look no further, some of the fast thinking team have flown into the rescue. We’ve rounded up the troops and grilled them until they spilt the beans on where to go first to quickly improve your marketing performance. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some top FAST Wins for your marketing.

FAST Win 1: Remarketing

Recommended by: Nick Ellsom

What is it?

You’ve worked incredibly hard to bring someone to your website and then they leave. They have shown interest in your brand and what you do, so they are incredibly warm to your business. What now? Show them ads of course to give them more information, to keep your business front of mind and to encourage them to act. You can show them ads in all sorts of places, but primarily through display ads, social ads or search ads.

How fast is it?

It’s instant for your website visitor, though of course not for you. However, it’s not too much work to set up remarketing ads if you keep it simple to start with. Initially, all site visitors can be treated as one group for example so you only need one set of ads, although over time we would recommend breaking them into smaller groups and tailoring your ads to each.

How easy is it?

It’s pretty easy, you just need to create your ads, set up an activity in the ad platform and make sure you’ve tagged up your website to ensure site visitors can be retargeted. Best of all, it doesn’t cost too much to target your website visitors unless you have a large site and the performance improvement is well worth the money.

Our Score: 10 / 10

FAST Win 2: Landing Pages

Recommended by: Jack Gillett

What is it?

A landing page is simply a place for people to enter your site. In the context of marketing, it is a place for your marketing to take people to and it exists to cater to the needs of the person landing on it whilst also driving value to the business. Think of it as creating different front doors for different types of customer, based on who they are and where they have come from.

How fast is it?

With modern website builders, you can create a landing page surprisingly quickly. Be sure to take some time to weigh up the options available to make sure that whichever option you choose fits with your skills and gives you the tools you need.

How easy is it?

Most of the work goes into the planning and the strategy. The perfect page will not only need to fit with your brand but it should fit in with and improve the customer journey for the person landing on it.

Our Score: 8/10

FAST Win 3: Creatives for Audiences

Recommended by: Matt Chaplin

What is it?

The campaign’s in place, you’ve allocated budget and you have your creative. Time to hit the start button. But before you do, have you checked that your target audiences are all relevant? What are the likely triggers for action for each audience? You’ve invested time and money into your campaign, but are you doing everything you can to ensure the best chance of success? Each subset of your audience will respond better to different creatives and it’s important to adapt your creative therefore to suit each. Sometimes how to adapt the creative is obvious for each audience, but other times it isn’t and you will need to adopt a test and learn approach to find out what works best for each audience type.

How fast is it?

You can build multiple versions of similar creatives with a few key components quickly and efficiently in the right tool. Once you have the basic outline template for your creative, then additional versions can be made in minutes rather than days or weeks!

How easy is it?

It's about finding the best creative, which is not always about creating a masterpiece. Producing multiple versions with different messaging is made simple in the right tool.

Our Score: 9/10

FAST Win 4: Test & Learn

Recommended by: Sandhya Gulsin

What is it?

If you have some interesting ideas that you believe will improve your marketing performance, applying a test and learn approach to your activity will help you continuously optimise performance by “testing” ideas and “learning” from the results. It’s a great way to address business challenges and find solutions through continuous small changes.

How fast is it?

Small tests can be conducted and proven relatively quickly, so improvements can be seen within weeks, but the best results are seen when it is conducted as an ongoing effort. Generating insights is super fast once you have adopted the approach across your activity and progress can be viewed weekly or even daily. You are testing with real customers in different audience groups, so the performance improvements can be instant and you are constantly learning what does and doesn’t work for your business. This gives you customer insights and provides points you can feedback into the business for use in many areas and not just marketing.

How easy is it?

It’s like setting up an experiment, you begin by creating the hypothesis, you then conduct the experiment and you conclude by analysing the results which will help shape and determine what your next experiment will be. It’s easy as long as you plan it out and follow a set process each time.

Our Score: 9/10

This list is just the tip of the iceberg and there are many more FAST Wins not shown here. If you need help increasing your marketing performance then get in touch with us today and order your free FAST Wins session.

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