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Contagious | Jonah Berger

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Contagious (2013) is one of many studies from International best selling author and marketing professor Jonah Berger, who explores what makes things popular and relays his findings for us to take advantage of.

Contagious discusses the importance of creative planning in determining the success of any product before it’s taken to market. He clarifies the key principles that are needed in order to create a “buzz” around a product or service.

Berger reminds us that the routine check of daily tasks surrounding what we market must be consistent and constant to create a “buzz” and in turn, this will result in more people recommending your product.

This leads us to question how do companies create a contagious product? As Berger dives into behavioural psychology to validate the domino effect seen in successful marketing strategies, he suggests that the relationship between a product and an idea leads to success.

The book acts as an essential marketing go-to for the basic principles and power of consumers as the biggest cause of success behind any strategy. After all, you can market a terrible product really well, but it will never be more popular than a brilliant product that we can’t stop talking about.

Berger enforces the power of words being a more powerful source of influence over advertising and marketing by reminding us;

“People share about 16,000 words per day online, where there are over 100 million conversations involving brands every hour.”

In conclusion, Contagious reminds us of the success of simple processes, however, the process in identifying the successes make this book essential for every marketer even if it’s a reminder that the consumer of your product is a vital source of marketing.

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