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Content Marketing Revolution | Dane Brookes

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

It seems obvious that engaging content will secure a consumer base for your brand, every marketer has this listed within every campaign goal. But what does engaging content look like and where can you get it from? Content marketing expert Dane Brookes helps identify where you begin in the process of seizing control of your target market.

The relationship between content marketing and strategy is inevitable and one cannot be applied without the other. Engaging content will result in brand loyalty that is a far better result than forcing a product on a consumer and not really knowing how to keep them coming back for more. Brookes leads you to ask yourself the simplest of questions that are often overlooked like; ‘What is the big aim of the content and how does this lead to the smaller goals?’ Without an unbreakable strategy, this simple question is hard to answer.

An interesting topic within the book is researching the demographics, often marketers do this as a standard best practice but it’s key to do this often enough. Marketers are always discussing the changing media landscapes but we need to ensure we change how we research and how we write content to attract new “buyer personas.”

Anyone can use this book as a tool kit for their marketing, Dane Brookes covers all aspects of content marketing that we can easily forget to consider in our day-to-day activity. One example that is often forgotten about would be a proactive approach in removing existing content that no longer serves a purpose or could damage the brand. We often move forward with ever-changing marketing goals and do not consider the impact this has on what is already there.

This book is not only an inspirational piece, it is a reminder to ensure we utilise everything we have access to already in front of us. It’s a refreshing guide to content marketing that can be received by anyone in any field of business and not just marketers. It will help you to put a content marketing strategy in place and provide enriching content for your consumers.

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