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The 1-Page Marketing Plan | Allan Dib

“The 1-page marketing plan” is every marketer's ideal situation in organising a tidy and well-planned outline. However, juggling multiple campaigns and plans means this ideal often strays away from reality. Allan Dib, an entrepreneur and a modern marketer, has created multiple businesses with the power of innovation and technology. He relies heavily on simple and clear outlines for successful marketing and shares his perspective in this book.

In the book he outlines a framework for creating a simple marketing plan using 9 divided squares with three phases (before, during and after);

Phase 1 - Identifying your market

Phase 2 - Capture and nurture leads

Phase 3 - Increase or retain customer lifespan

This very simple description would suggest that the book is a beginner's guide to marketing, however, this is not the case as complex planning has to begin from a clear outline to ensure that the top tier goals of the plan are fulfilled and not lost as the campaign unfolds. The clarity of the layout is a useful reminder of all campaign considerations that would lead to a successful plan.

Although the title suggests that the book heavily revolves around planning and strategy, this “how-to” guide creatively pinpoints how to achieve business goals such as exceptional customer experience and increasing customer lifetime value, confirming the effectiveness of the plan.

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