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Marketing Above The Noise | Linda J. Popky

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

In the world of marketing, how do you filter out the unnecessary noise in order to extract what truly matters? With over 30 years of experience, Linda Popky has seen endless trends come and go and has admittedly contributed to the noise herself.

This contribution resulted in the creation of the Dynamic market leverage model. It covers strategies, products, customers, brand, communications, operations, sales channels and marketing analysis. Most importantly, the model assists marketers with the creation of a successful marketing approach and includes long term strategies that will not affect the model even with the development and evolution of new technologies.

The book covers industry examples of successful marketing and failures of key brands who contributed to the noise and failed to create successful marketing campaigns. However all organisations can be consumed by the latest trends, the essential act of separating from the noise and reaching your customers is the pathway to success.

The question arises, how can you avoid the noise? Popky explains how you can avoid the noise by talking louder or responding with silence in which both frustrates the consumer and leaves them uninformed. The solution is to; “Create something positive that people want to be around”.

The best way is to “create a positive sound.” This can be achieved by clearly understanding the product’s territory and how people are responding to it or similar products. Stepping back from industry trends is a key skill that is highlighted throughout the book. The key way of gaining long term customers is to focus on installing trust. It could be argued that digital transformation is an essential transition, but this does not change the core values of a company in ensuring consumer trust, it simply assists their customer journey above all of the noise.

To conclude, the solid grounding of a business and it’s marketing strategies and goals should not be influenced by social change. This book is an essential read for eliminating all the noise you may have heard whilst ensuring it doesn’t affect your customer journey.

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