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Alchemy | Rory Sutherland

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

The larger-than-life vice chairman of Ogilvy, who you’ll have seen on stage at various events, or perhaps his TED talks (if not, you should check this one out here) brought us only his second book, Alchemy, in 2019.

Jam packed full of irreverent thoughts centred around the ‘logical’ world we live and work in - “Most valuable discoveries don’t make sense at first; if they did, somebody would have discovered them already.” he walks through a series of anecdotes and learnings from his multiple-decades of experience in the ad industry and insights from behavioural psychology.

A fun read (if for the brilliant footnotes in the hardcopy version alone) also full of real-world examples you can prove yourself - why, for example, having a ‘decoy’ product on offer can treble your conversion rate on the product you actually want to sell, or an interesting insight into how to turn disgruntled customers facing a delay, into forgiving, brand-lovers (told via a story about train delays…)

If you’re interested in how to shape your customer experience for the better, a must read.

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